How to beat toa 50 veromos

Hi, Abs01ut3 here. This time, I want to give a short guide for ToA Hard, both old and new version. Overview 1. My own ToA H progress. I usually do ToA Hard on the last few days, and mostly stopped at ish due to frustration and lack of time.

Last month I set a goal to reach F90, and here we are. Some pic. Reaching F is more a matter of dedication than available resources. For some stages you have no choice given your box but to slog through 2 waves, then roll a dice on the last wave to see if RNG is in your favor or not. This means repeated bashing on your head against one floor to pass it. I might be biased, but I think ToA H should double the stones gained and gem awarded on X5 floor, while leaving X0 rewards intact.

I recommend everyone to at least aim for F70 Hard. I also highly recommend to do it early, and not wait for free ToA. Try as far as you can before resigning yourself to stop; you might be surprised. S: There are 3 requirements for ToA H: monsters, runes, and tactics. Recommended monsters These are all I use. Because of Thrain event and Aria HoHthey might be classified as farmables, they might not.

Most of the subs are for boss stages and cheeses. Other monsters:. So 5 cores, substitutes and a few one-floor wonder units that you can equip during FRR, then remove again. Not that many required to tackle floors of ToA, eh? Just gotta make do with what we have.

The difference is the tactics you need to think of. You need to let them die from DoT no passive procand be diligent in CC-ing them. Wind tank is not of much use here because the AoE is pretty devastating in itself.

Double OG floor : This is what I usevery balanced and safe. The key is to keep all 4 debuffs on both OG.Summoners War Ratings Guide. Bomber — plants bombs upon enemies which are set to detonate after 2 turns and then stuns them for 1 turn. Boss Damage — Deals high damage to boss mainly due to enemy HP scaling attacks.

Unlocked at Level 15, ToA has Floors and increases in difficulty as you advance further. Players must complete each floor to advance on top. Upon completing the floor, you can always go back and clear previous stages using 0 energy but wont get rewards. The Trial of Ascension has 2 modes Normal and Hard which gives same rewards but are earned and given separately.

ToA resets every month and the order of floors are rearranged every reset so make sure to clear floors and claim rewards every cycle. Trial of Ascension gives out special rewards after defeating the boss every 10 stages. Additionally, ToA is a good source of crystals. That is why most F2P players on mid-end game consider this very important to clear all floors so they can keep up with most P2P players by investing more time to play and farm from refilling energy.

With luck, they can summon rare monsters from reward scrolls. Each floor there are 3 waves of monsters with mini-boss on last wave. Some stages are very tricky and requires specific units to clear it. That is why you need certain team comps that are ideal only for ToA i. Baretta, Mantura, Spectra and alike.

how to beat toa 50 veromos

Common Stage : 1x Summoning Stone. Every 5 Stages : Crystals. Its 3rd skill is perfect for enemy waves dealing 2 Continuous damage for 3 turns 4 turn cool-down when max skilled. Has 1-turn skill refresh and SPD boost. Provoke is very useful against bosses to prevent them from using their 2nd and 3rd skills. It also has a strip on 2nd skill to remove buffs on a target enemy.My main ToA team. My team can usually climb at best around ish, depending on the boss. I can only do it auto till the 50s. Most skills are max lvl excep S1 for Beth and Poseidon.

Basically, Woochi resets everyone's attack bar. This team is generally very good and rarely I mean extremely rarely gets touched by the enemies. Maybe put dispair on Baretta to have more stuns. TOA H is a different story. I comletly did TOA n on auto with that team and usually get to the devilmon from the hard version. Basically, you probably need a stronger healer then Eshir. AFU your mav is almost exactly the same speed is mine, but could be chunkier.

When we say that toa normal is very easy, we mean that it is not necessary to build a specific team for toa normal. Many players that have beaten toa got there with the same or similar teams that they use for giants or dragons b You don't need to pull or build specific crowd control lockdown monsters like spectra, woochi, basalt, bomber monsters, your poseidon.

You can power through toa with standard dungeon teams, ie a couple healers, a cleanser, standard attackers, and some way to get you more turns like crowd control or bernard-like monsters thrown in the mix. Immunity also makes things much much easier, if you have it. I only have veromos for stuns and hwa for atkbar reduction.

Sometimes I replaced Hwa with another monster if there was too much water on a specific floor, but that general team could doand that team worked once I was able to auto dragons B I cant even move the post I quoted down belown this line. There are a few places I had to manual here and there and a few failures as well, but as of this post, I'm s urprisingly doing pretty well if slow-ish.

Mav does tend to die easily, but he usually buy enough time for the others to minimise most of the threats or defeat the boss by the time he does bite it. Currently at the highest lvl I've ever achived ToA Perhaps completing it this cycle wont be a dream after all sniff.

Orochi tends to be the first to fall to the boss, but generally after he does his job DOTs. My current Bella is fairly useless by itself for sustain AND strip. Which is why Emma is there.While clearing ToA you get small rewards for each stage you clear and big rewards every 10 stages. The higher floors you clear the better the 10 th stage reward will be.

Here is a breakdown of what you get for each stage Scroll to the right :. Some stages can be quite difficult to clear and will require specific monsters to beat—especially boss stages. These are the monsters you will use in your early game ToA team. Most of them are monsters from your GB10 team since you will have your best runes on them.

These monsters are also great if you're looking for free-to-play F2P ToA monsters since they are all farmable. Full Veromos Monster Guide. Full Shaina Monster Guide. Full Sabrina Monster Guide. These monsters are great on most boss stages because they stop the boss from wreaking your team since bosses are immune to stuns and DoTs.

how to beat toa 50 veromos

These monsters are used to speed clear through the lower floors, while some of them can be used in specific teams to clear all the way to floor These monsters are used mainly on one or two specific floors because they provide a unique skill that is needed. If you really want to build the best team possible for your stage of the game I would recommend you check out our Ultimate Progression Guide.

In there we go in-depth on what are the best teams to use for all stages of Summoners War, from super reliable early game auto teams to end game speed auto teams. These teams are great if you are still in the early game and only have limited access to monsters and runes. These teams focus fully on permanently CCing the enemies while killing them with DoTs. For these to work you need a lot of stuns, freezes, and ATB boost or reduction.

These teams are great for clearing the lower floors of ToAN and ToAH because they kill enemies fast but once your team starts dying you will have to which over to your standard or CC team. Recent Posts. Categories All Categories core guides general guides progression guides. Close Live Chat Coaching Service Get customized help and advice based on your accounts monsters and runes from our Guardian level player coaches.First off, I love TOA.

One of the main reasons is the great rewards you can rack up over the course of the 30ish day challenge. However, on the flip side sometimes obtaining these rewards can prove to be somewhat of a challenge. Hence, why I decided to through this blog together with some clips to help provide an additional point of view.

ToAH Boss Guide – Woonsa

One thing that I have found to happen oddly enough is sometimes you get stuck on random floors for the specific TOA, and this time around it was Floor I will cover that awkward floor as well. So, sit back, relax, grab some breakfast or popcorn where ever you are in the world, and enjoy. Aschubel may provide more difficulties at higher levels, but in this months case I was able to go straight to the face and DPSer down.

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Straight to the face is always clutch, and fun. Ideally you should be able to go multiple different DPSers to help you get past this floor, and you can sub on the healers here as well.

For example, you could throw belladeon into the mix. Finishing up with Xing Zhe himself. A little crowd control, damage dealing, and big heals help to accomplish the task!

Same as above, the strategy will be the same, just find the right monsters that fit into your crew. TOA 83, to be honest and frank I included this floor because I got stuck. Floor 83 of this months Trial of Ascension can be a show stopper if you are not fully prepared for the two Dovers and three Eluins.

My team is not fully farmable but the strategy remains the same. Try and spank down the Eluins then move on to the dovers. To achieve this you will need some speed, and really a decent CC team. You will want some stunner instead of Iris and Hommie to most likely help do the trick!Summoners War Ratings Guide.

While others have conquered this feat using rare units from the luck of summoning, today we will showcase the basic and standard team to clear GB10 using farmable units. This is to help players who are having a hard time clearing such endeavor while dealing with the worst summoning luck.

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Check out a few of the reasons why he is highly recommended for starter teams:. There is no shortcut to GB10 farming, do not expect to clear runs with mediocre runes. Full Video of Auto-run:. Plus, he will be your gateway to a lot game contents. After getting valuable drops from GB10, you can start aiming for Dragons B8, B9 and B10 which will be discussed in a few more chapters. In the meantime, focus on farming GB10 and focus on improving your clear time.

Get the best swift runes so you can progress even further. Thats all I did and focused and I tell you it was well worth it.

I got a lot of Mystical scrolls, and Mana Crystals of course. Next Chapter will will cover ToA 70 using other farmable units.

Veromos is a strong competitor in Fighter level arena. You can end up with F1-F3 rewards during Arena tally. Elton John is my favourite jazz-singer of the world. Check Elton John tickets Anaheim this link to get your best ticket for the retirement Elton John tour in WordPress Social Login is not configured yet.

For more information, refer to the online user guide. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

At SummonersWar. You can also rate and review every monster in the game and see which ones are rated the best!

Summoners War: TOA 50 Normal - Veromos

Generic filters Hidden label. Hidden label. Reduces the HP requirement of your team. Reliable AOE stun for fast wave clear and crowd-control.

DoTs kill the boss faster for beginner teams. You will be able to target boss first in auto mode and completely ignore the towers. Important reminders: There is no shortcut to GB10 farming, do not expect to clear runs with mediocre runes. Veromos should be Max skilled from Devilmon power-up.

Trial of Ascension (ToA) In-depth Guide – Units, Runes and Stats, Team Composition

The other 4 should also be max skilled to take advantage of the cooldown reduction. Wave 4: Similar to Wave 2, most of the time your units have their skills refreshed. Veromos and Shannon helps with the CC while Darion and others clears the wave using normal attacks.

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Another important factor in clearing faster is Veromos' DoT which is easily applied on boss due to high accuracy. Just after the right Crystal puts Def break debuff on your team, Veromos cleanses it right away which reduced damage from boss AOE attack.

Accuracy and speed tuning is the key in clearing GB What do you think of this Monster? Progression GuidesVideos. About the Author.

Similar Monsters.Summoners War Ratings Guide. In Chapter 11 of our step-by-step guide, we will now finally fuse Dark Ifrit Veromos.

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From here onward, we will use him in place of Lapis to farm reliably in GB8 with a little over 3 minutes per run. Previously, our runs were over 4 mins and a bit unreliable. The purpose of farming here is to improve our current runes to prepare and beat GB10 in auto, which we are really close to!

With Veromos now in action, we open up new areas to conquer. One of these is the Trial of Ascension. What makes ToA worthwhile to farm is it gives out special rewards after defeating the boss every 10 stages.

Not only that but ToA is a good source of crystals. With our current core team, we will try how far can we clear and get those rewards. Arguably the best monster you can get from the monster fusion. Why did we choose to fuse him first? Not Sigmarus, Katarina or Fire Panda? Newer players should build Veromos on Swift to make him as fast as possible. Previously we are using Lapis to farm GB8, and since it is a Wind stage she is at a disadvantage that made little use of her damage and CC potential.

how to beat toa 50 veromos

So as a countermeasure, we will replace her for Veromos. Using the recommended stats above, it should be convincing enough that your run time should improve. Damage-over-time is surely a great way to kill the boss faster, this strategy also applies with DB10 and NB10 so take note! The current support monsters should be enough to handle GB8 boss.

Check out the GB8 lineup and their stats:. Unlocked at Level 15, ToA has Floors and increases in difficulty as you advance further. Players must complete each floor to advance on top. Each floor there are 3 waves of monsters with mini-boss on last wave. None other than Veromos. Toa Hard up to 30F. Rewards claimed as below. In the meantime, make sure that you clear these 50 floors Normal and 30 floors Hard every ToA reset. Check out our ToA in depth-guide too see the recommended monsters, stat requirements, team composition, and niche units to conquer the tower!

I got pretty good runes on him too. Can I get some feedback on my team? I think you should hold off with using Lushen and Teshar until you transition into using a speed team.

how to beat toa 50 veromos

You have to build that Darion!

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